Give me Mann or give me Death, er, Pynchon.

Or, how to read a novel that has defeated you more times than you care to admit to anyone.


karen-the-great and I have decided to team read Gravity’s Rainbow (BTW: a Pynchon wiki? Holy Shit).

I admit it; I have never finished Gravity’s Rainbow. I think I probably should have, but it defeats me (read: bores me to tears or annoys me) every time. Then again, I did try to read it while writing both my thesis and my dissertation, so my timing was a bit, well, poor.

So, we’ll each take a chapter and…

Just kidding. We’ll both read the whole thing; we’re just going to hold each other accountable for it. And, as a bonus, we’re going to blog the experience, though probably not as amusingly (or for as long) as slacktivist has with Left Behind.

Each Monday, we’ll each post our thoughts, digressions, or excuses for not completing the chapter. Stay tuned.

Other current reads (understand, I seldom read only one book at a time–each has its designated spot, with occasional scenery rotations):

  • Magic Mountain (for times–and there are many–that I have to wait in the car)
  • The Tin Drum (travel and couch)
  • Christine Falls (couch option #2)

I’ll conquer that “Things I Should Have Read” list, dammit. I will. Of course, I just noticed that Tin Drum wasn’t on that list–it really should have been though.

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