The Circle is Everything

I ask your forgiveness, for I seem to be channelling Darby Crash right now.

I am also channelling my inner Scott Wieland today, apparently. At least, my inner Scott Wieland when he’s channelling Clint Eastwood. I was not aware that I had an inner Scott Wieland, and I am a tad disturbed to discover this, but if I had the hat and the facial hair, that would be me today, poncho and all.

I am not, sadly, saving the fallen angel nor driving fast in the desert with Duff (who is channelling his inner David Bowie), but I got the outfit, man.


So, back to the title. During my interview today, I realized that for all my web metaphors about my leadership style, it all comes down to circles. And I tend to talk in circles, which is another post and another problem altogether. I see the world in a series of interconnected circles–layers of connectivity.

Crash remarked on occasion, that the circle was everything. Indeed, the Germs’ symbol was a blue circle (to say nothing of the Germs Burn). I can’t lay my hands on the Crash bio right now (nor any of my Germs Albums and liner notes…is there a Germs vortex forming?), so I can’t quote him at the moment, unfortunately. We’re all connected; we are all responsible, then, for one another, as well as ourselves. Ignore his support of fascism for a moment; I disagree with his nihilistic view of humanity needing a single, strong, charismatic leader in control.

I work for a system that “works” as a top-down hierarchy model. The Chancellor dictates, and the schools react. Or, the Gov dictates and the chancellor and system react. Who acts as the catalyst for the reaction depends on the crisis du jour, really. Anyway, the model, for all the good it might do is relatively authoritarian (hence reaction instead of action), and somehow it manages to mismanage even this. System schools are not directed, for instance, to stop protecting their turf and work together. A top-down directive could and should make such collaboration more feasible.

But, what if the system imagined itself as a circle, with all the parts connected? The schools forming the points of contact for the spokes around, say, the Chancellor. Everyone is on equal footing, whether a R1 University or an Access Institution. And everyone works toward a single, common goal. Maybe education–students–should be our imagined center, if not the actual seat of information (which is what would exist in the center).

Eh, perhaps I am feeling a bit more nihilistic than I give myself credit for; I’m having to work to keep up the idealism that we’re all in this system for the common good.


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