The atomic number of arsenic…so fitting.

I had a very serious post here about life, love, and the pursuit of faith, and a variation of it appears below, but before I could post, I read Facebook. In particular–the site for “The Association for Girls in Love with Aging Celebrities.” I’m sure you can imagine the horror…the absolute horror I felt when I saw this:

Enrique Iglesias Is Fit With A Great Voice And Is 33.

Yeah. So, 33.

I should confess that I stumbled across this page because of our hero, Mr. McKagan, who is mentioned in that list. He’s 44, and I probably wouldn’t have thought to list him. Sean Connery–sure. Duff McKagan? Enrique friggin’ Iglasias?

Old enough to be our fathers seems to be the trope involved here.


You’ll remind me why Facebook is a dangerous place for me in the future, won’t you?

In all seriousness, I’m beginning a spiritual odyssey today, courtesy of Dharma Punx. Today is the first day of the last year of my life, at least conceptually. How would I live my life if I had only a year to live?

I intend to post on this about once every two weeks. The first thing I am going to do is contact my mother, with whom I have a wretched relationship, and see what I can do to make amends and move on. So, things to consider:

  • What changes would I make?
  • How would I live differently?
  • How would I love differently?
  • Would I travel?
  • Would I seek faith in new places and faces?
  • How can I learn to release old anger and move forward?

More questions will arise, and I imagine many will be silly, but I am okay with that. One year.

How would you live?

(And how would you deal with discovering that your age “belongs” on that Facebook group?)

The gift of that particular group? Made me laugh. Made me rethink my overweening seriousness with respect to this spiritual path. Humor is a blessing.


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