Pre-Weekend Pontifications

Ah, the joys of Friday.

I intended to post about the “Year to Live” project today, but it will have to wait until later, when my head is a bit less befogged from lack of coffee.

Reading around this morning, I found some pieces that might be of interest to folks out there.

First, Duff (yes, the very one), recalls his reactions to 9/11/01 and compares them to his reactions while flying overseas on 9/11/08. Warm, heartfelt, touching and thoughtful. In short, our hero at his Seattle hippie finest. Best comment thus far: “it’s almost unbelievable that the guy who wrote this also wrote a great song called Hope and co.wrote another one named Civil War. “

On a related note, Fred, over at slacktivist, is baffled by the number of people who forget that in questions of torture, we are still dealing with human beings. Who would Jesus torture, indeed. A former professor of mine has a bumper sticker (got to love bumper sticker politics, yes?) that speaks similarly: Who would Jesus bomb?

And, on a blog I don’t normally keep up with, Tim Wise defines white privilege. Some caveats (considerations of returning college students, for instance) are probably due, but I think Wise does a fine job on the whole.

Read well.


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