Riddle Me This…

Why is it the first reaction on the part of many as the economy (slows, sours, tanks–>choose your verb according to your situation), the first instinct is to (fire, let go, cut back–>again, take your pick) social servants such as social workers and ministers? I mean, WTF?

The state economy here has “become strained,” so in my work, travel has been cut back (no biggie there, necessarily) and pay raises have been threatened; notably, the final action with regard to raises will happen after Election Day.

Surprise, surprise.

And, meanwhile, the Gov was in Spain on an economic development trip. Um, hope it works?

Meanwhile, over at our local social services agency, workers have been required to take one day off a week without pay in order to cut costs. You know, because social workers need to be even more overworked and underpaid than they are. It isn’t as if their caseloads will be likewise reduced by 20%. Haven’t seen this hit the local papers yet…

First actions grumblings (and, in some cases, actions–>but budget season is just beginning) of local churches were to let go ministers, cut their time, and cut their benefits, which were so considerable to begin with, don’t you know…And this, at the very time when such services (outreach, etc.) of be of greatest need. Members of my church want to kick AA out, because they “cost too much.”

Again, I say, WTF?

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