Veteran’s Day

Happy Veteran’s Day seems an awfully odd phrase–we invoke happiness here?

Taddyporter captures Vet’s Day far better than I. Read well:

The dubya regime of chickenhawks and warmongers has exploited veterans’ love of this country and pride in their service for a program of propaganda and coercion. We are told we must support the occupation of Iraq to honor the service of those who have fallen there.The country has rejected this lie. We have issued orders to our new leaders to end the occupation and get us the fuck out of Iraq. How that is done, we leave to them. We require only that it be done speedily and without further damage to our strategic position. The right will resist. They will wave the bloody shirt. They will invoke the memory of our sacred dead. Once again, its down to the triarii. Veterans can stand against this blasphemy the same way they have stood against our enemies. They can tell the story; how our mighty Armed Forces are the Shield of the Republic and must not be wasted on adventurism and buccaneering.Soldiers and sailors of the Republic! We salute you! Now, once more, veterans Up Front!

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