Ziggy Stardust Wonder Shoes

First, allow me to thank my faithful and ever-patient husband, G, here. He braved the mall with me today. Moreover, he braved the shoe department in three different department stores.

He is a good and fearless man, clearly.

I was tentatively seeking red shoes, more or less because I don’t have a pair, and they just seem like something I should own. I had an excellent pair of red heels once upon a time, but they are long since buried…worn to shreds. And G is quite fond of red heels, so I am happy to oblige. Unfortunately, I was not successful in that particular quest.

BUT, I found something even better: Ziggy Stardust shoes. Platinum Doc Martens.

20 eye platinum Docs.

On clearance no less (imagine that).

Eons ago I had black and white paisley Docs, which I adored to their grave. I have looked on occasion for boots that would equal their level of kitsch, but until today, I found none. I’m just not a purple, sparkly Doc kind of girl. Platinum, on the other hand, is right up my alley.

G also spied a pair of silver docs, the 8 eye variety, which I tried on as well, and while fabulous, they lacked that certain something that the silver on black (what I am calling platinum) have. I am proud of my Ziggy boots, and I fully intend to play Bowie in the office when I wear them, though Diamanda Galas has been the most oft-played artist of late. She seems to both amuse and disturb most people, which is rather what I am aiming for. Try her The Sporting Life (the link takes you to a video for “Do You Take this Man”) if you love John Paul Jones, by the way–the CD is amazing. Truthfully, there is nothing of hers that I wouldn’t recommend, but that CD is pretty accessible and filled with bass wonderfulness.

But, as usual, I digress, but please do take this as proof that my listening habits do occasionally manage to encompass artists in addition to Duff. Shocking, I realize.

So, here’s to great boots and a fabulous husband who buys great boots just because his wife loves kitsch. You rock, love.

I’m considering wearing them tomorrow when I am installed as an Elder in the church, lest I begin to take myself too seriously. Perhaps with a black velvet dress.

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