Cows on Mars!

Interesting news from the Mars frontier–> methane has been detected on Mars, without any apparent geological activity to explain it. Which could, of course, be a signal of life on the Red Planet.

And for your above-average geek, it’s a rather groovy notion. Of course, when G. was telling me this last night, what should pop out of my mouth in response? “Oh, so there are cows on Mars, then?*”

The remark was rewarded with a look of adoring concern for my sanity, before the joke finally arrived at the intended destination.

Silly fart humor aside, I think I have arrived at the proper name for the punk band of my dreams: cows on Mars.

Sort of a Ziggy-Stardust-cum-Dead-Milkmen kind of vibe, you know?

*Please note the remark included in the CNN article. I love techies; I really do:

“To date no viable method has been devised to capture this gas as it erupts from either end of the cow.”


2 responses to “Cows on Mars!

  1. That really was one massive fart I ripped…

  2. solitary kitsch

    I so did not need to know that it was you responsible for such!

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