Here it is: Duff’s Newest Blog. If you missed the previous thread on the subject, the blog is at Playboy.com, so it is decidedly NSFW.

Haven’t opened it, being at work and all, but I thought I would share. Apparently, he went with a play on “Freakonomics” for the title. The post appears to be titled “Appetite for Investment.”

He is, as I have pointed out before, a pretty savvy businessman; he’s certainly done well for himself. I’ve read (though not verified) that he invested in Starbucks and Microsoft back in the late 80s, because a brother-in-law (could have been brother, for that matter), suggested it.

Too, for whatever poor choices he made on his way into addiction, he also made some damn good ones, not the least of which was that little project out of L.A.


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