Punk Notes

I’m doing a talk on Punk today–looking forward to it, but also suffering a bit of fear and trepidation about getting up and out there. Last fall, I had planned to work through a series on punk history here, and I intend to get around to it…eventually. Maybe this will be the proper kick in the ass.

Anyway, I’m sharing some clips with the folks who are kind enough to join, and I need an easy way to organize and access them all, so I’ll share them here, along with some notes on the matters at hand.

First, everyone needs a bit of punk via Quincy, yes? Note here the references to the Germs burn, drug addiction, and general malfeasance. Also, the abundance of white makeup. Love this line: “There’s no one innocent here.”

So, a bit of the Pistols, 4 days before Rotten would leave the band, after the Winterland show. I love this clip for the “punk how-tos” from Rotten’s dear-god-awful shirt and practiced sneers to Vicious’ bloodied chest. And then there is Steve. The Man. I adore Steve Jones. I’ll resist the temptation to share some Neurotic Outsiders. Just trust me. He is the man.

Penelope Spheeris and her cooking scenes. Darby in Decline I. Notice the Sex Pistols poster and the appearance of the “beard” in the form of Michelle Ghaffari.

More to follow after the talk.


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