Bits and Pieces

How funny to open Seattle Weekly’s site this morning and see this: Athens Pop-Fest Canceled. Not funny because of the cancellation, of course, just…surprising.

I’ll work on the Punk Post (post punk??? ack!) today, but it probably won’t be up until tomorrow….In the meantime, there is Krist Novoselic’s piece on the miracle that is music. Enjoy. Or this funny as hell slideshow on “unromantic album covers“–number 14 rocks. And, if you are feeling really punchy, here’s Duff’s thoughts on dating. Number 6 is my favorite.

Sea Gals??? Oi.

Pain, angst.

Anyway, so, I think I’ve got G on board with a Seattle Marathon in June. Confirmation will come this weekend. Went to a 5:30 am spin class (motto: “real spinners do it at 5:30.” This simply does not live up to the thespian motto of “thespians do it on stage” or Duff circa 1989 “rockers do it. (pause) Ya know?”)…said class was good–tough, I’ll grant–but good.

So, all is well. Hope the weekend is kind to all of you.

<–ETA: OMG…the cover of Seattle Weekly

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