Off and (not) Running

Today’s a rest day, so mild yoga (ha!) only (keeping those limbs…er, limber). Back to the grind tomorrow.

Completed about 15 miles last week. Gee, only need 11.2 more to be able to complete a marathon in 7 days! Now, if I can get that down to 5 hours….

Official news to report: I’ll be running the Seattle Rock-N-Roll Marathon on June 27, 2009. Anyone care to join? *Snort* –>even includes a “finisher’s medal.” This will likely be the only time in my life I don’t giggle about that.

All of which is to say that all is well right now; I’ll report in with more good details soon.

BTW–just gave an interview on Punk. OMG…my life is good.

Speaking of Punk and marathons and such…so, Loaded will be playing in Seattle in June, yes? Yes????



2 responses to “Off and (not) Running

  1. You won’t catch me in a marathon, but I might be game for a quick jaunt up the coast. I’ve never been to Seattle either, and would love to see the city.

  2. Now that would rock, my friend 🙂

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