Running for the Bears

  • Registered for Race–check
  • Requested time off–check
  • Began hotel research (always the most fun)–check
  • Figuring out why anyone would recommend gummy bears to consume during a run…okay, well they are more portable than your average banana…but….eeek. I like ’em, but I’m pretty sure that would be a bad combo for me. *shudder*

Holy cow…we may make it to Seattle after all. Sans gummies, of course.

Three lovely miles this morning in 35-ish degree weather. My northern friends are hereby invited to keep their laughter over my wimpiness to themselves. Please remember that I’ve lived in the Deep South for 10 years now, so my blood is very thin. Yeah. That’s it.

My friend the three-legged dog, who normally barks and threatens to chase me, ignored me on the first pass and almost, kind of looked happy to see me on the second. Almost. Of course, it could have been the shadows. What does it mean when you are accepted into the clan of the curmudgeonly three-legged dog?

I still owe the site a punk update…but it will get here one of these days.

Cheers, all.


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