Tough Guy, Training, and Bonding

I’m really terrible about posting regularly on this…or, at least, I feel like I am.

Anyway, this week is 16.5 miles total–6 of which will be tomorrow (same as last Saturday); the big swings in Saturday runs begin next week. I’m almost looking forward to it, but I’m trying to be good and stick to the schedule, rather than trying to play superstar-suck-up student and get way ahead of the training…

…which would likely result in self-injury, so it’s for the best.

So, 6 miles tomorrow. TG has a Drill Team Event for which he has to be at school at 6:30 am (so much for sleeping in). Getting up and leaving the house that early does present me with the option of different scenery for the morning run, which is good–and I may use that opportunity to scout out the places I have mapped for the really long runs in a few weeks.

I’m pretty excited about the training thus far (I’m in week 4, if anyone other than me is counting). I’m buying the tickets to Seattle this weekend, which makes it all kind of official…and very groovy.

TG and I are running in a 5K this weekend; he fully plans to leave me in the dust, having asked if he has to stay with me or if he can “just go.” But, I think it will be a good experience for both of us–I have to say, though, I never thought I would bond with my son over running. Ever.

But, it is cool that we have. He’s planning to run in a 50mile race next Spring (assuming he can at age 16–he’s looking into it)–has to outdo Mom’s marathon, I suppose; he’s also thinking an Ironman Triathlon by the time he’s 18.

Bless him, how did I raise such a one?


2 responses to “Tough Guy, Training, and Bonding

  1. For sure I would never have expected that from a child of yours! But then I can’t believe you’re doing a marathon.

  2. solitarykitsch

    You and me both, QM…on all counts. He’s such a trip.

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