Uphill Both Ways

I’m not sure how I managed, but I think I created a route that was indeed uphill both ways. Holy cow, this morning kicked my ass. Incidentally, I’m not kidding about the uphill part–a quirk of the particular route is that I spent the majority of my time gaining elevation.

I’ll take today as a reminder from the marathon gods that I have 16 more weeks of training for a reason.

I’m fortunate that both my runs and TG’s participation in NJROTC provide me with the opportunity to see the less expected sides of life around me. Running, for instance, introduced me to my occasional-buddy, the Three-Legged Dog. NJROTC, on the other hand, leads me into the terminally weird.

For reasons I have not yet been able to discern, all of TG’s meets–Drill Team and Raiders, are held in far flung parts of the state, generally accessible by two-lane (and, in one memorable instance, dirt) highways. I have passed a “fly-in” neighborhood outside Griffin, GA, driven, as I mentioned, on dirt roads, and assorted other joys. Today’s adventure took me to the North Georgia Mountains, where I passed this sign:

I had to stop to take a picture…I mean….WTF? All manner of possibilities occurred to me in my drive, so I did look the sucker up (I felt like going into the florist to ask would have been rude–because I’m sure I would have been both laughing and incredulous). But, the truth of the matter, it’s a solar-powered (I guess) marker “opened” to the 23rd Psalm. A fine bit o’kitsch, I suppose.

Tomorrow’s the 5K race–wish us well, please.



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