Open Letter to Loaded


I am so very excited about your forthcoming full-length album, Sick, and your upcoming tour plans. Please be advised that I am dragging my butt to a marathon in your lovely Seattle in June and would be ever so delighted to discover that you are playing there that weekend. This would be the last weekend in June, if you need more specificity–for the Rock N’ Roll Seattle Marathon.

See, it’s perfect, no?

But, I know you have aspirations to hit the UK again and that you’re planning to play at Download in mid-June (Faith No More?! Be still my heart!). Totally understandable, wish I could join. So, in case you won’t be hanging around Seattle that weekend, you are more than welcome to, say, join Crüefest (since you have mentioned this tour as well) on the late August dates, where they will swing through the South (hey–you know, Atlanta would be fabulous!).

So, please, feel free to take any of the above suggestions. I won’t mind. Really. I’d be grateful, thankful, eternally in your debt…whatever.

Begging aside (sort of…please?), best wishes to you. You guys totally rock.


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