Small Things

Short story to share today, both to make myself write and to say thank you to two men in my world, both of whom were on the receiving end of my anger tonight. See, I respect these guys more than almost anyone in my life, for varying reasons, but also because they are two of the most spiritually-centered, intelligent, and compassionate people I’ve had the privilege of knowing.

So, when one of them recounted an email exchange he’d had with the other guy today, in which several jokes were exchanged, I was…shocked. Appalled. Angry. Disgusted.

Suffice to say that many readers have likely made similar jokes; the particular subject is one that is so endemic to our culture as to have been rendered invisible. I’d like to explore the topic further sometime, but it’s not really important what they were joking about for my purposes right now; what is important is what happened when I called them on it.

And, boy, did I call. I was so angry I was shaking. I cussed (yeah, I know, imagine that), I ranted. And then I shut up for a while, because I couldn’t see or think straight.

Both of them–in separate spheres, considered what I said and apologized. Not just to shut me up either…humble, thoughtful apologies. And, I want to thank them both for that.

Should there be a next time, I’ll try to compose myself before lighting in, but, yeah, Thank you. Your apologies mean the world to me.

And, you know, I encountered several small things for which I am grateful today.  My administrative assistant went back to campus today and managed to keep tomorrow’s busy day from becoming a trainwreck through her efforts.  I am most thankful for her level head and her graciousness.

Again and again I bore witness to good people thinking, working, changing, and doing wonderful things for others.  Kinda cool, it was.


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