So much for getting back to blogging in an orderly fashion.

So, quick updates:

1) Running the VB Half Marathon in less than two weeks. And maybe possibly perhaps pondering another marathon.

In January.

In AZ.

Cause, I’m stupid like that. Besides, G said I could have it for my birthday. “It” being the trip to Phoenix. And he brought it up without my asking.

When, exactly, did I become the person who gets a MARATHON for her birthday? Please tell me.

2) I think I’d like a marathon for my birthday, but I also fancy a tattoo. G seems resistant to the latter, but embraces the former. Go figure.

I’ve got FIVE tattoo designs waiting for my bravery-in-the-face-of-humans to surface. K, should you read this, I’m waiting!!! I need an assistant.

Needles and ink I can handle. Conversations? Not so much.

3) Speaking of conversations, I have to present a project to the President of my college tomorrow. Dear God, what was I thinking???

4) Yes, I had quite a lot of caffeine today, why do you ask?

5) Going to Cruefest with Rikki soon. Owe an update on the Def Lep show, don’t I? Must get to that–promised Rikki I would, and, well, one doesn’t knowingly disappoint her if one wishes to survive. Don’t mention I said that, okay?

Hi, Rikki!

6) When did Phil Collen get hot? Seriously, I was not paying attention and then–BAM! He made the whole show worth it. Well, not just him, but he helped. Eh, I’ll specify when I get to writing up the adventure, which did not, thankfully, involve any car wrecks.

I really will get back to this soon. Really.

Ciao, all!


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