How It’s Done

Must be one of those points in my life, because the blog is becoming a bit Duff-centric again.  Nevertheless, onward.

Read this eloquent apology.  Don’t worry about the whys or hows or whos or whats.  Just read the damn thing.

I cannot begin to fathom what 1994 was like for Duff McKagan–he taps at the year every now and again, the collapse, the renewal, the fear, and the hope.  He appears to be as honest as he is able to be about the year; I imagine that many days are lost not only to the haze of almost 16 years, but, of course, to the addictions as well.

But his post…this is a life of integrity.  I screwed up and I am sorry.  No excuses–context, yes–but no “it was all just because…”  Here we see an honest evaluation of self and a recognition of a continual need to reevaluate in order to grow.  And publicly, at that.

Kudos to you, Duff.  Kudos.

Edited to add: Seems to be a bit more traffic than usual, and I suspect I know why.   For those of you looking for Krist Novoselic, please click here.  I lack the “t” on my name–and the grooviness as well.   And, no, you are not alone in the confusion, but it wasn’t a typo in the name on third response to Duff. That’s me.  Krist is here. Carry on.


2 responses to “How It’s Done

  1. You might have increased traffic these days because your blog came up on a google alert my friend…Kudos to YOU-my fellow RAWK CHICK! (Enjoy your snow!)

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