Nanowrimo 2010

Because I have so much excess time, I’m going to do Nanowrimo again.  I hope to pass my previous “success” of 12,000 of 50,000 words (at least, that’s how far I think I got).

This time I am relying on no characters I have met before and a situation about which I am entirely confident: Punk Rock and Zombies.  I will have fun for 50,000 words.  I will.

As a matter of accountability, I’m posting my silly scrawling, but not here, my primary source of self-effacing attempts at humor.  Novel writing will hang out over at LJ, where the finest of fan fiction can always be found.  And, no, I’m not writing a fan fic novel; I’ve slightly more dignity than that, but I did find an excuse to mention a Duff story in the first chapter.  I’m delighted.

Come visit if you wish.  Play along if you are feeling really brave or really consumed with excess time.


2 responses to “Nanowrimo 2010

  1. Too late to start? Am I crazy? Probably. But I’m thinking I might join you again. I think I made it to nearly 20,000 last time. Maybe I just need to be an early morning writer (instead of early-morning re-reader of The Dark Tower. Besides, I’m on Song of Susannah, and it ain’t exactly calling my name in the mornings.

  2. That’s because you have already confessed that you don’t love the Song 🙂

    Come to the dark side…we have cookies. Or, at least, random novel thoughts!

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