Because I Love You…

…and because I am not presently in the headspace necessary to form a coherent post. We are home safely now.  My mother-in-law died last Wednesday–I am grateful beyond measure that her physical suffering is done, grateful we could all be there for the funeral, and grateful that I could be fully present during this time for G.  He deserves at least that.  I admit, though, that I am completely sapped right now–I haven’t felt this level of insanity in months…way too much time in my own head and trying to exert control over situations–it was, admittedly, good to feel competent at something for  a while, even something so simple as driving or making decisions so G could just grieve.  But, yeah, also grateful beyond measure that I could go to a meeting tonight.

But, in an effort to get out of my head and because these made me giggle uncontrollably, I share some of the searches that brought folks to this blog this week:

  • cult value (someone is reading Benjamin, yes?)
  • nashville “english professor”+geek (no, but I can get you one from Athens)
  • pynchon gravity’s first chapter (I feel like I should find this person and apologize)
  • And, my favorite…behold:
    Boys of My Misspent Youth

    Boys of My Misspent Youth

    trixter fanfiction

  • (I am now almost curious enough to drop that into a search engine to see what happens. Yet, not…oh, I do fear discovering what OTPs lurk in such a fandom)
    Do enjoy those lovelies, please.


One response to “Because I Love You…

  1. I’m so sorry about the loss of your Mother-in-law. Please, express my sentiments to G. We’ll see you soon.

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