Music Is Everything, Ya’ll

I’ve been to three concerts since I last checked in here. Three magnificent, fabulous, battery-recharging concerts. To the extent that I can express it in print (which is to say that the medium cannot possibly encompass the message), I owe the members of several bands such incredible gratitude for the gifts, energy, and in one case, hugs they shared. Duff, Jeff, Mike, & Issac of Loaded; Matt, Zacky, Brian, Johnny, & Arin–Avenged Sevenfold; Volbeat, Black Tide, Seether, The Alice Cooper Band…and a host of others, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’ve seen A7X three times in 4 months, twice in the last three weeks. I saw Loaded two days in a row. I saw Duff McKagan come out to do one of my favorite songs, “It’s So Easy” with Avenged (oh my was the 15-year-old fangirl in me in some kind of ecstasy. Hell the 35-year-old one was). Such accumulated experiences made me realize more concretely what live music does for me (battery recharge, as a start) and means to me, something that I was surely aware of, but never gave proper voice to its magnitude for me.

But, standing in the pit Thursday night–feeling as much as hearing the music…fuck…I think I still lack the words to capture these shows and the presence in them.

Me? A loss for words?

I think 20 years ago, I looked to the shows for something different: escape and attention, certainly. And both of those–the sweeping tide of a great rhythm section, that look from that member…the one who haunts your musical dreams–they are clearly still present. But there is so much more now.

**Edited to add:  I really shouldn’t try to post from the phone.  Especially one with Autocorrect.  I think I just discovered why I get some stupid near misses from students (in print became imprint, here)–they are typing with some sort of Autocorrect from Hell.  Or Abaddon, if you are Loaded. 🙂


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