Blogging 3.0: The Obligatory Resolution Post

In an attempt to make myself write regularly (I seem to do this all too often), I’ve set up the most self-serving challenge that I could think of for myself: do one thing for me every day.  This was inspired by my massage therapist (!) and that communal meeting I regularly attend.  Because active alcoholism (sidenote:  3 years sober on 12/28/13.  Yay!), I am a champion of constructing ridiculous rules for myself, so I thought I’d revisit that old and relatively harmless (albeit funny) quirk. So, the “thing” must be at least 10 minutes in length, is primarily for me (but can help others in the process), and I cannot judge the thing as selfish, etc (even if it totally is). It cannot hurt others (making sure I don’t use this to talk myself out of things will be…fun). It simply is/will be.  Cheap (as in, no cost) is better, but spending on thing is permissible (that said, it need not turn into shopping as therapy). Writing these updates does not count. Meditation doesn’t count b/c that’s a “supposed to,” as are the various forms of therapy that I engage in to make me an easier person to be around.  You’re welcome.

So, on Jan. 1, I got a hot stone massage.  I have recently returned to massage therapy to try to undo some significant damage I’ve done to myself over the last year of not doing massage therapy (my shoulders were residing somewhere in the vicinity of my temples).  Such therapy has the benefit of making me a generally easier person to be around.  You’re welcome.  But, I’ve never had a hot stone massage, and it did seem an interesting way to begin 2014 (especially given what 2013 was departing with), and it was definitely a groovy experience that I likely won’t do again (at least this year).

Today will be a touch harder.  I am working from home owing to what 2013 gifted me there at the end (yay, asthma), so whatever it is has to be here, which is fine, but I am presently baffled.  Surely I can manage to come up with something for today.  It’s only the second day of this…


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