336 days later

So far in 2015, 355 times families and friends

got phone calls,

saw something on the news,

didn’t know what was happening until the moment they did.

Each of those moments  was different–emotions, outcomes, responses.

355 times people had to practice the now common “active shooter training”:




Get out. Barricade. Don’t move. Don’t respond.

Unless there is no choice.

355 times first responders had to hear “active shooter” and to



be unable to offer help until the scene is secured,

face the horror of potential, the horror of actual.

To break down doors to find





355 times people saw their co-workers, friends, families or strangers injured or dying.

355 times people felt the physical pain of injury and the myriad traumas that follow.

355 times people did not go home.

We still have 29 days to go.



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