Reboot, version 1,003,892,802.6

I’m writing a paper to present next month at an conference that will include actual non-administrators, which has become too much a rarity in my life. In preparing (nay, stealing from myself) the paper, I found, upon review of the materials in this space, that I used to really enjoy writing about really batshit, occasionally personal, and always snarky subjects. I even included research! On music!  And I’ve been writing on punk for at least 8 years (my head says I just started sometime last week)!

The question is, if I commit to returning to this site, will I?

Sure, what the fuck. I need to make my head work for a living in some space that will not (I promise) to include spreadsheets.

God, I hate spreadsheets.

The inherent problem here is that I often took my inspiration from conversations in classes and with students outside classes. And, so very sadly, I only see students in my present role when things are really, really bad. So, the inspiration from those conversations is somewhat less…invigorating.  So, to where might I turn?





Oh, what the hell, it’s probably their fault this is even rattling about my brain.  So, as a start, you should totally watch this:

It’s healthy. It’s invigorating.  It’s maaaaaaahvelous….

And, somehow, I’ll write this up without getting into politics, which should be a trick.


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