Metalhead Crowdsource Request

Look, my first bleg!

I’m working on a project regarding metal and suicide. I’m looking at the old (and not so old) hysteria on the matter, but it’s not my intended focus. I could use some help from my fellow metalheads out there. I am trying to compile a list of metal songs since 1985 that have suicide as a theme. Specifically, I am interested in songs that address the suicide/attempted suicide of someone other than the writer/speaker. These can be ones that seem self-evidently about suicide, that you and/or others infer to be about suicide, or those the musician (or the lyricist, if not the recording artist) has explicitly described as having this theme. I have a list started, but I know I am missing a bunch of them, and I am happy to have duplicate responses (in fact, that would likely end up being helpful). I’m less interested in, though happy to hear about, those in which the writer/speaker is discussing her/himself. All genres of metal are welcome.

If you can submit any ideas, please comment here, on Twitter (solitarykitsch), or email solitarykitsch (at) gmail (dot) com. Otherwise, I’d be grateful if you could share with our folks in metal.

Will keep anyone interested posted as this develops.




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