Kitsch’s Folks

Some of the Characters you will encounter:

  • Duff: Bass playing, badass hero. If you’ve read any of this at all, you know who he is. Otherwise…hang in, you’ll see.
  • Avenged Sevenfold.  Miracles do happen. ZV seems to come up most frequently, and Matt gets all the fangirling.  Especially the curls.
  • Walter Benjamin: German ethico-philosopher; ponderer of hashish, film, and fascism. Precursor to a certain kitsch-obsessed blogger

Supportive Cast (selected):

  • G: Brave, patient, tolerant husband; unrepentant Trekkie.
  • Rev. Dean Smith: Irreverent minister; inveterate crank; unfortunate UNC fan
  • Monkey Boy, Tough Guy, and Turtle: The Teen Crew at large. Starting to move out these days. Children have moved out. Check!
  • Rhyte & DD: Fellow rock chicks, Duff aficionados, and fabulous believers of celebrating your inner-15 year-old.  And some of the bravest, coolest ladies I’ve had the pleasure to meet.
  • Rikki: Running sole-mate and shoe goddess. Glam music aficionado and joyful ringleader in musical excursions.

The Zoo:

  • Frank:  Lead cat.  Has “Godfather” attitude and proportions. Is now a svelte cat. Always awesome.
  • Mowgli: Bengal Cat.  Mostly feral.  Could out sing Plácido Domingo. Ran away 7/3/2012.  I hope he’s safe and in the sun, if he can’t be home. Returned home several weeks later having decided that the food was better than what he was getting from his raccoon playmates.
  • Doggo (George):  Beagle who followed me home.  Sweet boy.  Believes himself to be a big dog.
  • La Nut (Agnes):  Stops trucks with a single glance.  Prefers to be a cat hat during the winter months.

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